Monday, February 6, 2012

Tank 305 - 5 February 2K12

Refueled Sunday afternoon at the Fas Mart near my home, after driving the Mighty Corolla 447.2 miles. I put in 11.688 gallons of gas, making for a fuel economy of 38.26 miles per gallon for the tank.

I was impressed by this number, because the weekend before I had driven over 40 miles worth of short in-town drives to and from grocery stores and such, and I was expecting much worse mileage.

So that's nice.

The weather forecast for the weekend had predicted lots and lots of rain, but it ended up being night time rain. I managed a nice but different kind of bike ride on Saturday morning, about 24 miles, as I incorporated a stop at the library to pick up DVDs and a book they were holding for me.

I didn't plan on a Sunday morning pre-church ride, as it was supposed to be raining. But when Sunday morning came, it was just wet on the ground and a very very light mist was falling. But by the time I realized this, there wasn't much time to go out for a ride. So I skipped yesterday.

And I'll probably skip my "healthy wellness exercise ride" today, as I will leave work early to escort the children to the dentist. So the beginning of February is not helping close (or even maintain) the gap between bike riding and car commuting.

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