Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tank 157 - 22 May 2008

Refueled at Wawa last Thursday afternoon, getting 11.367 gallons after
going 458.8 miles, making for an alleged fuel economy of 40.36. This is
notable because it is the absolute farthest I have ever gone on a single
tank of gas.

The Wawa did not have a sticker on the pump that said its gas has 10%
ethanol in it, so I must believe that it was 100% gasoline with no
ethanol. This leads me to believe that this Wawa tank ought to give me
a touch better fuel economy, all other factors remaining equal, as
ethanol has less power than gasoline, or so I have heard.

However, since I share my ride a couple days a week now, I feel
compelled to drive a little bit faster than I normally would: 70 instead
of 65. However, there was that one time when we were going to VA Beach
and I just drove as fast as I could, going about 75 most of the way, and
my mileage was still really good, so perhaps there will not be as large
a dip. Either way, by hitching a ride with Sandra twice a week, I am
stretching each tank of gas much farther as I save over 60 miles each
time I don't have to drive to work.

This last tank was also the most I have ever spent on one tank of gas:
$43.18, or $3.799 per gallon. I am glad it's still under fifty dollars,
as some of my friends have spent over $75 to fill their tanks. Our
minivan also is expensive to refill, but luckily that only gets refilled
every three weeks or so.

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