Thursday, May 22, 2008

End of tank update - 22 May 2008

Well, my low fuel light came on at 431.7 miles yesterday on my way home,
which is the longest I have ever driven before it came on (since I
started tracking this statistic on 6 June 2007). As we neared the exit,
I pumped my foot on and off the gas to try making the car fit and start
and buck, but it did not do that too much, but enough to make my
passenger think we were really out of gas. I warned her earlier that if
we ran out of gas, she'd have to push. I also assured her we would not
run out of gas, and explained in detail how confident I was, but still
the threat loomed and she was a bit frightened for a few seconds.

The car has now gone about 455 miles, also the farthest I have ever gone
on a tank of gas. I will likely refuel this afternoon on my way home
from the K-Mart parking lot, in the event the Mighty Corolla is called
to service over the long weekend. I'll post mileage numbers on Tuesday
when I get back to work.

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