Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tank 156 - 13 May 2008

So the Costco gas gravy train has come to an apparent screeching halt.
I tried getting gas there today and was declined! I guess Costco
figured out that I quit in a huff over their crappy new milk cartons and
shut me off for good.

So I went to the Sam's Club gas station instead. It was five cents more
per gallon at $3.649, but we have established that the money I saved by
joining BJ's instead of Costco is equivalent to the five cents per
gallon less at Costco over the course of a year. And when you factor in
that I can use my Disney Rewards Visa at Sam's and other gas stations,
the decision to leave Costco still remains a good one.

I am, however, a little sad that I no longer can enjoy my little scam of
getting Costco gas whilst not being a member.

Anyway, 416.8 miles on 11.229 gallons made for a rather disappointing
mileage number of 37.12 miles per gallon. This lowered my average fuel
economy for 2008 to an even 38.00 mpg.

This tank cost me $40.97, which is more than a dollar more than I have
ever had to spend on a tank of gas. Luckily, I am carpooling now
(except for this week as Sandra's on travel), so I will be driving less
if it all works out.

Last May 14, I had spent $380.65 on 16 tanks of gas. This May 13, I
have spent $518.46 on 16 tanks of gas, that is $137.81 more than the
similar time last year, about 36% more for the cost of gas, or $8.61
more per tank, or about $0.80 more per gallon of gas.

If I continue carpooling and hitch a ride two days a week, the 40%
reduction in gas usage will be about equivalent to the increases in gas
price. This is notable, and perhaps will inspire others to do the same.

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