Monday, May 19, 2008

Adventures in Lawnmowing

Last weekend I mowed my lawn in wavy lines. Normally I don't do that,
but I figured what the heck and instead of straightening up the curve
around the mulched trees, I kept it going all the way across the yard.
It was a pretty design when I was finished.

Sadly, all the weaving back and forth I think wore out one of the rear
wheels to the point I'll have to replace it. All the pivoting and
swerving over the past 5 years has slowly chipped away small parts of
the back wheel where it spins on the axle, and my fun on Saturday broke
off enough pieces that the wheel wobbles very badly. There was one
point during the day that the rear wheel was just sliding across the
grass rather than rolling.

But since we bought this lawnmower, we have just bought the standard
maintenance items, such as blades, spark plugs, oil, and air filters, so
this is a small cost for repair. The mower is about 6 years old and
otherwise has operated fine.

The wavy lines in the back yard are still visible, and I think I may do
it like that again in the future. Conventional wisdom says you
shouldn't mow your grass in the same pattern each time, so that the
grass does not fall into a growing habit. The weeds and clover in my
grass pretty much render this advice unnecessary, but the change of
mowing patterns is a nice change of pace as well.

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