Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tank Update - 423 miles and no low fuel light

I think I'll be able to make it all the way home tonight without running
out of gas. If I can do that, it'll be the farthest I have ever gone on
a tank of gas. My current record is 454.9 miles, and if I can get home
without refueling, I should be a little more miles than that. I have
made a conscious effort to coast more down hills, look farther ahead at
traffic and coast when I see it stopped ahead of me, and accelerate
slower and steadier.

Will this pay off when I refuel? That is hard to say. My theory is
that different gas pumps shut off at different times, so if I go to a
pump that shuts off really early, my mileage will be through the roof!
I will most likely not refuel at the exact pump I got this tank at,
since it was the Woodbridge Sam's Club and I'll be in Fredericksburg
when it'll be time to refuel.

This fuel economy game shall remain a mystery. But I think that over
the long run, the average mileage of 36.72 mpg for the life of my car,
and 38.00 mpg for 2008, is about right.

An interesting note of trivia is that in 2007, my average refill was
10.519 gallons, and for my first 16 tanks in 2008, my average refill is
also 10.519 gallons. That's sort of neat to have the numbers match out
to the thousandth like that.

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