Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tank 320 - 2 June 2K12 (I forgot amidst all the excitement)

I refueled the Mighty Corolla last Saturday at the Giant near my house. The low fuel light had not come on, but I'd gone 405.1 miles. Plus, my wife had some Giant Points and we got like 20 cents off per gallon, and we broke the rules and refilled the minivan and Corolla at the same pump.

So some quick math revealed that 10.572 of the 28 gallons went onto the Corolla, making for a fuel economy of 38.32 miles per gallon.

That's about it. It was nine days between tanks, which was higher than my average for the year, but expected since it was coming off a short Memorial Day week of work.

So far this year, I have spent $754.24 on gas for the Corolla, at an average price of $3.575 per gallon, and getting an average of 38.40 miles per gallon.

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