Monday, June 11, 2012

Minding the Gap (between commuting in the car and riding the bike)

I had two great bike rides of about two hours each over the weekend, and my bicycling time is way ahead of all other months in the year so far. This seems good, but it's going to rain pretty hard here tomorrow and Wednesday, so I may not get much riding in to balance the commuting I'll be doing this week.

However, I am off on Friday for a three day weekend, but that will be used up by a road trip to visit relatives. But I'll strap the bike to the minivan and hopefully go for a ride whilst there.

Meanwhile, I am pleased that we're a third through the month and the bike riding/car commuting deficit is a shade under 30 hours. According to my rough estimate guess from the beginning of the year, I ought to end this month with a 42-hour deficit and still feel like my goal of riding my bike for more time than commuting in the car is achievable.

My office move appears to have been delayed by a week, but it's still going to be in August.

Maybe I'm just tracking this stuff because as I get older I'm realizing the futility and lack of control I have of much of my life, and this keeping of meticulous records concerning a couple things I foolishly believe I have control over is helping me to keep sane.

That and my fuel economy.

And then my mind wanders towards what my life might look like after the office moves and my commute is not a Herculean effort in patience and tedium every day. Will I sleep in more? Will I get home sooner? Will there be a measurable difference in the quality of my life?

I certainly hope so. I've recently been feeling more twinges and pangs of pain in my lower back and upper neck, and it would be great if it's because of these unnatural hours spent in my car driving to and from my office (where I tend to sit in a cubicle most of the time), which can't be good for my general muscle tone.

Time will tell.

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  1. AUTOMOBILE??? ... Lake.... BIG laKE!