Monday, June 4, 2012

Bicycle vs. Commute Tracking Update: End of May/Beginning of June

Turned out on my last working day of May, I had an appointment on the base, which put me nearer to home for my afternoon drive. Then, when I got home, I went on a little ride around the neighborhood, and maybe to the library and back (I don't remember), so for the month of May, I ended with a deficit of 34.7 hours, like this:

I was not at work on Friday, 1 June (scheduled day off), and I went on a long ride with a friend. And I got in another almost two-hour ride on Sunday (yesterday) for a weekend total of a little more than six hours of bike riding. So I am starting the working month of June in a good way, with a deficit of "just 29.13 hours."

I have 17 scheduled working days this month, compared to 20 last month. That's about 5 or 6 hours of commuting in my car that I won't do this month (when compared with last month). It's looking pretty good that I will remain on track to achieve my goal this year of riding my bike for more time than I sit commuting to and from work in my car.

I'm finding that my hours in the car feel long, boring and tedious. But my hours on my bicycle seem to fly by. When I get home after a particularly long commute home, I drag my feet and trudge around and I'm all "ugh! It took me TWO HOURS to get home today!" And when I return from a long bike ride, I'm all "wow! I rode for TWO HOURS and feel great! That was so fun, I should have stayed out for even longer!"

120 minutes each time, but one of them sucked the life out of me, while the other pumped the life back into me.

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  1. 2-3 hours commuting? That is a lot of time in the car. I thought I had a long commute, but even on bad days, it tops out at just over an hour. I guess if you can't ride to work, the most important thing is to keep those bike rides long and frequent.