Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Special Thanks to Nobody Special

A few days ago I got a special performance incentive check in the mail from G0ogle Ad5ense for $116.

Yes, after more than four years of blogging, my advertising revenue due to people cl1cking on my sp0nsored ads had finally reached the magic number of $100 in revenue, and that triggered the process for G0ogle to send me payment for my years of continuous effort and "work."

Over the past years, my most success has been in the last months, with my wildly successful rant against the horrible Delta Touch Faucet (still sucks!), and my disappointment that Ikea hasn't jumped on "the Girl with the Dragon tattoo" bandwagon and started carrying Billy's Pan Pizzas in their Swedish Grocery section. Thanks to you, my post is on the first page of results if you G0ogle "Billy's Pan Pizza" and "Ikea" together.

So to all of you who were in no way not unencouraged to avoid clicking on the sp0nsored ads, there's no need to thank you or avoid expressions of appreciation for your lack of noneffort and support. Without any of you, none of this wouldn't have not happened, exactly.

And I can't say for sure that my intentions are to keep asking or not asking you to look at or not avoid clicking on any or all of the sp0nsored ads on this blog, seeing on how this additional income that may or may not be generated by such inactivity of unclicking on no ads is something that I might or might not welcome on a more or less irregular basis.

So in the future, I continue to be humbled and awed at your continued support and/or nonsupport of my generally innocuous posts concerning my gas mileage and infrequent other adventures.

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  1. Cool. I got a check in the mail too. Reimbursement for dental visits!