Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tank 285 - 26 July 2K11

I refueled this morning at the Fas Mart near my home ("Home of the world's slowest gas pumps"). It was before 6:00 am and 74 degrees outside. Gas was $3.499 per gallon, and I got 11.768 gallons after driving 446.5 miles. So my fuel economy was 37.94 miles per gallon.

As the world's slowest pump was filling the mighty Corolla, I used the window washer and squeegee to clean off my front and rear windshields. After the first shutoff click, I gently squoze the pump handle again and more than half a gallon of gas went in. If I had given that pump handle a big squeeze, I suspect it would have shut off earlier due to the bubbles and such, and my mileage would have been over 38.

But it all will work out over time- probably next tank if I go to a different gas station it'll look like I used lots less gas and got much better mileage.

This was my 23rd tank for the year. I was on the 23rd tank of 2010 on June 14th last year.

Also of note, it appears that due to a days-long vacation we took earlier this month, I will escape July only having refueled twice during the month. This is an exceptionally rare occurrence, except for that I also went through July 2010 with just 2 trips to the gas station. And July 2009. And May 2008. And December 2007. But other than those five times, not a single other month with as few trips to the gas station!

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