Monday, August 15, 2011

Four Birthdays in Two days.

It appears we survived the annual Birthday Weekend of Fun! With my wife and twin #1 going on the VA Beach parasailing trip, I thought they'd be all birthday-ed out and ready to celebrate the Bacon's birthday on Saturday and just twin #2's on Sunday. Boy was I wrong. I couldn't have been more wronger.

Woke up yesterday and made omelets for all those who wanted them - twin #1 and wife. Cleaned up the dishes. Got yelled at for not buying a "Paul's Cake" for wife, although (and she clearly forgot) we were thawing some of "Paul's Cake" remaining from the baptism spectacle of 2 weeks ago. Like the wedding cake top you save for a year and eat later? Like that...

Went to church and that was fun. Came home. Plan was twin #2 would pick lunch destination and twin #1 would pick dinner location and we'd all love it and not whine. So twin #2 tells me to drive to "Longhorn steakhouse" and we go there and everybody whines. I do my best "WTF?" face and drive to this craptacular Fr*nch themed restaurant called "Mimi's Cafe." Feelings feel better and we eat breakfast and lunch foods.

Go home, neighbor kids come to visit and kids play nicely most afternoon as Courtney and I watch this movie called "Brothers." It had Jake Gyllenhall, Natalie "Queen Amidala" Portman and Tobey "Spider-Man" Maguire in it and was super dramatic filled with drama and was good. And the kids started making a cake. Like we didn't have enough already with the Bacon's cookie cake she made Saturday and the thawing "Paul's Cake" but whatever. Due to lack of supervision, cake batter was more like bread dough consistency. Wife says forget it for now kids, twin #1 wants to go to FUN LAND!

But twin #1 only wanted to go there by herself to play skee-ball and ride the go-karts. And turned out all the family plus the neighbor kids ("A" and "B," who are all around good kids) all went and went nuts. Twin #2 crashed her go kart. Kids played all sorts of video games. Some skee-ball was played. It was like a casino for kids. 2.5 hours later they all wanted to stay. But it was 7:30 and nobody realized they were hungry yet. We dragged them out of there, dumped off the neighbor kids and the Bacon at home and the three birthday girls and I went out to Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant for dinner.

During dinner there was an horrific thunderstorm. We talked about how the weekend was going, and wife had the brilliant idea that next year, everyone should agree to celebrate their birthdays a month apart- July 14, August 14, and September 14. I could not sit for that and informed them that this great idea was not only agreed to last year, it was put somewhat into action this year, as (I won't name names) this year, two of them went out to a VA Beach vacation/birthday parasailing adventure earlier in the week, and yet here we all were, celebrating their birthdays on their real birthday anyway, even though they went away for 2 days for a birthday trip that the remaining birthday girl did not go on so she could have her birthday on her real birthday. With this in mind, all discussions of switching birthdays to alternative dates was tabled until a later date.

Food came and we ate, happily receiving three free scoops of birthday ice cream dessert, and returned home at 9:00, where wife, undeterred by feelings of tiredness and singularly focused upon extracting every last drop of birthday happiness to be had, whips out the bread dough cake batter and commences baking it so that this morning a new mess can be made while home made frosting can be prepared. And also two more cake layers. Because like I said, we don't have enough cake.

And when I get home today, there will be about six additional screaming 10- and 11-year old girls in my home for twin #2's birthday party/sleepover. I expect to experience about 5 hours of total mayhem and carnage as more presents are unwrapped, more cake is eaten, and more games are played. It's supposed to rain, so my hopes for some outside playtime are diminished. Happily, I'll probably be out the door tomorrow morning before the party girls wake up and go home.

Then we'll have a day or two off until the the Bacon's birthday sleepover party is happening on Wednesday or Thursday. So we'll have a day or two to clean everything up, vacuum the carpets and prepare for the onslaught of a small pile of 13-year-old girls who will do almost the same thing to the house and our sensibilities!

August is a great month!

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