Friday, August 5, 2011

Tank 286 - 4 August 2K11: Hey, it was convenient!

Refueled yet again at the Fas Mart near my house, "home of the world's slowest gas pumps." I also discovered that it's also the home of the pumps you can't set to just pump while you clean the windows and remove the trash from your door pockets.

It remains the home of the pumps that can't tell when you're done entering your 5-digit ZIP code.

And sometimes when it rains, the shelter's so small that the rain drips across the hood of your car.

And it seems about half the pumps are gone or out of order.


Anyway, The cool thing about this tank when compared to last tank is that I went 447.5 miles, which is one mile more than last tank. I refueled with 11.763 gallons, which is 0.005 less gallons than last time. So my mileage was 38.04 miles per gallon, which is 0.1 miles per gallon more than last tank.

I'm mildly excited at my fuel economy for this tank. On at least three occasions I totally floored the gas pedal to accelerate with as much enthusiasm and aggression as the 140-horsepower economy car could muster in order to get around (if you can believe it) drivers who were either driving slower than me or weaving around in their lanes in a way that made me nervous. I figured those moments of anger and frustration would have ruined my overall mileage.

Perhaps with this next tank, I'll be able to remain calm the entire time and control my impulses to mash down the gas pedal and/or drive aggressively just to slam on the brakes a little farther down the road. Yes, perhaps this next tank will be 40 miles per gallon or more! Probably not, because I have poor self-control, but one can dream!

This tank put me at 10,303.5 miles for the year. Last year I had gone 11,812.1 miles. But last year I had that 5-week class that I drove like 200 miles each day to get to and back from, so it's not a good comparison really.

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