Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Recent Tanks - Most Recently 31 May 2009

29 May 2009 - Tank 196 - 429.5 miles, 11.454 gallons, 37.5 miles per

This is more like it but still not what I have grown to expect from the
Mighty Corolla. I believe some time in June I will eclipse my to-date
miles driven over 2008. Mostly because I no longer carpool. That's

On a happier note, on 31 May I refueled the Cash Cab and was surprised
at what I learned! The Cash Cab went 407.6 miles on 17.317 gallons.
The computer claimed 23.2 miles per gallon, but my calculation resulted
in 23.54 mpg. This is notable because the old green minivan was always
way optimistic with it's fuel economy guess, and here the Cash Cab is
truly pretty close, and actually a little under.

Also, computed fuel economy for the new minivan of 23.54 miles per
gallon is pretty great compared with what the old green minivan gave us.
But about half of those miles were highway miles. Still it appears the
new minivan will provide better fuel economy than the old one.

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