Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tank 197 - I Don't Believe This Is Accurate...

So I refueled this morning at the Exxon station near my office
@$2.499/gallon. I went 450.9 miles on this tank, which is the third
farthest I have ever gone on a tank of gas in this car.

At this Exxon, I only squeezed in 11.053 gallons, making for a
calculated mileage of 40.79 miles per gallon, my fifth best mileage
result ever.

I strongly suspect that this gas pump is calibrated to shut off way, way
early. If my next tank ends up serving with 38 mpg or higher, I will
believe this tank's results with more trust.

Although I was driving with much greater attention to my acceleration
and braking, so it is possible I drove just that much more gently. On
the other hand, so far this year my mileage has been historically lower
than average.

Other notable facts from this tank:

Average tank distance is raised from 395 miles to over 398 miles per

Average fuel economy for 2009 raised from 36.53 to 36.75 mpg.

In 2007, I went an average of 8.54 days between tanks. In 2008, the
year I halfway carpooled, I averaged 10.08 days between tanks. So far
in 2009, that number is back to 8.53 days. Man, I wish I was carpooling
again. Kind of. I really am enjoying listening to my books on CD,
which I was unable to do while carpooling.

I have spent $398.17 on gas so far this year. Last year at this time I
had spent just $605.78, although gasoline was more expensive last year.
I have driven about 250 more miles in 2009 than the similar time period
in 2008.

In about a week and a half I will discover whether or not this 40.79
miles per gallon is just a sham.

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