Monday, June 29, 2009

Tank 199 - 29 June 2009

This morning I refueled at the powerful Woodbridge Exxon near my office.
The strong pump squoze 11.468 quality gallons of Exxon gasoline into the
capacious tank of the Mighty Corolla, after I manfully drove it 439

This made for an impressive fuel economy for the tank of 38.28 miles per
gallon. I am pleased with this result because last Friday's commute
home was 97 minutes of slow, stop and go, mileage-sapping traffic.

Over the weekend, we had the grand opportunity to refuel the Cash Cab as
well. That tank received 17.324 gallons of Sheetz Quality gasoline in
Fredericksburg, and went 368.6 mostly around town miles, making for a
calculated fuel economy of 21.28 mpg. The trip calculator claimed 21.5
miles per gallon, which remains pretty close to actuality. Certainly
better than the Green Minivan that it replaced's estimates.

Additionally, the green minivan, granted with minimal data, provided
typical around town mileage of 15 to 17 mpg, and highway mileage that
pushed 23 or 24 mpg. The Cash Cab appears to be better both in town and
on the highway.

I learned over the weekend that the 2008 Sienna LE, with its
266-horsepower engine with variable valve timing-intelligent! Can whip
from zero to sixty miles per hour in 7.1 seconds, a full second faster
than the next fastest minivan, and as fast or faster than many cars on
the road today.

Not that I have ever timed it or tested this myself...

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