Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tank 198 - 17 June 2009- Low Fuel Light Indicator Was Pretty Accurate!

Luckily, I needed gasoline yesterday right after I made up my cool new
chart that showed fuel economy vs. distance travelled when the low fuel
light came on.

For this tank, the low fuel light came on at 413.6 miles. According to
my collected data, this would indicate my fuel economy would be between
37.95 and 39.77 miles per gallon, with an average that should be 38.81

So after going 440.2 miles, I put in 11.331 gallons of gas, and my fuel
economy for this tank worked out to be.... 38.85 mpg! That's really
close to the average fuel economy I have achieved when the low fuel
light comes on between 410 and 414 miles!!

Also, it looks like my last amazing mileage tank was not a fluke, but a
happy instance where the whole tank happened to be driven in an
unusually sane manner.

I have spent $426.49 on gas so far this year on 20 tanks of gas. Last
year at this time I had spent $650.77 on just 19 tanks of gas.

Overall, the mighty Corolla has gone more than 75,000 miles.

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