Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tank 194 - 12 May 2009

This tank served me for 429.8 miles on 11.490 gallons of gas, making for
mileage of 37.41 per gallon. This had been my best mileage in a while.

It was also my 16th tank of the year. My 16th tank last year came on 13
May. So it feels proper to do a comparison, since the days are so

As of the 16th tank, I had gone 6401.4 miles last year. This year I
have gone 6254.6 miles, about 150 fewer miles. Last year I had spent
$518.46 on gas at this point, but this year only $317.31, although from
the news you'd think we all were paying more today. How quickly we
forget that last year we paid over $3.50 per gallon at this time of the

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