Friday, May 1, 2009

Cash Cab Tank "#1:" Suspect

So I refueled the Cash Cab after it went just 159.3 miles, because I
suspected that the dealer only filled the tank MOST of the way and not
ALL THE WAY. I sure hope I was right, because the trip computer claimed
19.5 miles per gallon and I calculated a mere 16.23 miles per gallon
after pumping it full with 9.816 gallons.

I regret not remembering where the fuel gauge needle was as we drove
away from the dealer. I think it was hovering near the F for Full, and
after refueling all the way it's just above the top of the F for Full.

This next tank ought to show how accurate the computer is. I am
beginning to feel that many of these mileage computers are just best
guesses, but tweaked to make you feel that you get better fuel economy
than you actually get.

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