Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Now Appearing in My Driveway... THE CASH CAB!

Well, the green minivan failed us for the last time. After a small
spike in electrical-related frights, the "wannas" won out over the "lets
keep its" and we traded in the 1998 Chrysler Town & Country (128,000
miles) for a 2008 Toyota Sienna (22,500 miles).

The new minivan is officially some shade of blue, but to the untrained
eye it is actually dark gray. In some ways it is not as fancy as the
T&C, as the Sienna has "only" 2-zone heat/air conditioning (T&C had "3
zone), and the Sienna has hubcaps and not alloy wheels.

But, the Sienna has tire pressure monitoring, traction and skid control,
and rear seats that fold flat, as well as windows in the doors that open
up. The kids really wanted to have that.

Looking around on the internets, I found that a 2005 Sienna is the main
vehicle used in the awesome game show CASH CAB. It's the same body
shape as our "new" 2008 van. I think that when I share this information
with the kids, they will like to know this.

I hope it improves the general feelings of the family. One child was
unnaturally attached to the green minivan. Probably because we had
joked that it's older than her, and would she want us to get rid of her
when she got to be that old, when she complained at how old the green
minivan was.

Lesson learned. Don't joke about getting rid of your kids!

Allegedly, the Sienna also has better city mileage, 17 mpg vs. 16 in the
green minivan. It also has a trip computer for me to complain that
grossly inflates the true fuel economy numbers.

So now we drive the Cash Cab. It's fitting because it came in at a
medium-sized pile of cash. I sure hope it lasts us at least 10 years.

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