Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tank 190 - 7 April 2009. Always Buy Exxon Gasoline!

This tank had a few notable items. First, it took me 435.3 miles, the
farthest that any tank has taken me so far this year. Second, it took
11.590 gallons, the most I have managed to squeeze into that tank this
year. I also went 49.0 miles after the low fuel light came on, also a
record distance travelled with the light on.

I am a donkey on the edge!

After all that, I managed 37.56 miles per gallon on this tank. Not
spectacular, but about 1 mpg higher than my 2009 average so far.

So far this year I have spent $227.74 on gas for the mighty Corolla, on
12 tanks. One year ago I had filled up 13 tanks and spent $404.40 on
gas. Gas remains over one dollar cheaper per gallon than last year at
this time.

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