Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tank 192 - 22 April 2009

This last tank was notable in that it drove the car one tenth of a mile
further than the tank before. This time it went 410.3 miles on 11.764
gallons, making for a pitiful 34.88 mpg overall. However, three days of
that were from Courtney driving around town, as I drove the green
minivan to work this week. Long story, but the green minivan may be on
its last gasp of life so I drive it in the unlikely event that it dies
in service...

The only thing good about my recent tanks of gas is that many of them
have come after 400 miles. Fuel economy- worse than 2008. Days between
tanks- worse than 2008. Cost of gas- less than 2008.

This was the 14th tank of the year. Last year, the 14th tank came on 18
April, so by some miracle I remain on the good side of that comparison.

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