Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tank 191 - 13 April 2009

Man, this not carpooling is starting to bother me. I had to refuel
after just six days. But some of that was due to using the Mighty
Corolla for two extra trips north to visit family and a class I am
taking on my Friday off.

Still, this was the shortest tank since, oh, 12 March, so just a month.

Anyway, 11.302 gallons after going 410.2 miles = 36.29 miles per gallon.
Not too great, but it's been worse.

Perhaps I should pump up the tires more.

I thought that my "I'll drive 70 or 75 now because it gets me better
mileage" theory was correct, but now I ma not too sure. Perhaps it's
also heavier morning traffic.

Maybe the car's getting old. Probably not.

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