Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tank 189 - 30 March 2009

Oh, wah. I only got 34.46 miles per gallon on this tank. The low fuel
light came on at 370.2 miles, and I refueled at the "well, it's close to
my house at least" Valero after going 385.7 miles. Refilled with 11.192
gallons @ $1.959 per gallon.

This Valero gas station has a number of strikes against it. First, the
pumps are very, very slow. Second, a new "security measure" requires me
to enter my ZIP code after I swipe my credit card. Oh, it asks me
whether it's a credit or debit card. You'd think it would be able to
tell the difference. But after I put in the ZIP code, I need to search
for the "enter" button and press that as well. It's a 5-digit number--
it should automatically know when I put in my whole ZIP code!

Then it finally allows me to choose my type of gas I want-- and WATCH
OUT! NOT all gas pumps have regular old 87-octane unleaded as the
leftmost button anymore-- some stations are tricky and are putting super
unleaded on that side to trick you!!

So my pump starts pumping really slowly, and this annoying loud voice
AND MILK HERE... and you need to seek out yet another button to shut
that guy up, except there's about a one second delay from the time you
hit the STFU mute button and the time he actually goes away-- so you
press the button twice which just unmutes the turd voice and gets you
even angrier.

Then when the tank is finally full, it asks if you want a receipt, and
to choose "yes," you need to find the "yes" button, which is not on the
LCD display, not even on the keypad with the "enter" key, it's in a
THIRD location.

It would be faster if the machine asked me if I wanted a receipt right
at the start. But that would be efficient and customer-friendly. No,
Valero would not want that at all.

All of this, and I got crappy mileage as well.

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