Monday, March 9, 2009

Tank 186 - 6 March 2009

Courtney filled up the mighty Corolla last week after spending the week
in Lynchburg for a class she's taking. Last time she took the car away
for a class, it was February and the fuel economy for the tank she was
responsible for was a pitiful 32.51 miles per gallon.

Well, she was made aware of her fuel-burning ways and this last tank,
also under her control for the most part, came out with 33.71 miles per
gallon (316.3 miles on 9.382 gallons).

What does this mean? Is she a lead-footed monster? Do the gas pumps in
Lynchburg and Culpeper dispense more fuel than in other places? Does
the driver really make that much difference in a car's fuel economy?

The average fuel economy for the six tanks I primarily drove in 2009 has
been 37.61 miles per gallon. The average fuel economy for the two tanks
that Courtney mostly drove: 33.11 mpg.

The tanks I drove ended up with about 13% greater fuel economy than the
tanks Courtney drove.



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