Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tank 185 - 25 February 2009

This morning I refueled at a Sunoco in Woodbridge. It was 25 degrees
outside as I celebrated the fact that the mighty Corolla was deliciously
sucking up the official fuel of NASCAR.

11.208 gallons were deposited in the tank, this after going 437.7 miles,
making for a mileage number of 39.05 miles per gallon.

This tank, I noticed the speedometer hovering near 70 miles per hour. I
believe this is more like 67 miles per hour, as the GPS unit was on for
part of this tank and it shows current speed as well. My conclusion is
that my bald front tires are smaller than the speedometer is calibrated
for, so the speedometer thinks I am going faster because the tire
circumference is smaller than a normal tire ought to be.

I intend to replace the front tires this week. And also change the oil.
The car barely passed inspection due to the tires being nearly bald, so
it's probably wise to replace them before something bad happens.

But the 39.05 mpg is the best fuel economy in 2009 so far, so for that I
can be happy.

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