Friday, February 13, 2009

Gas for 69.9 cents per gallon!!

Our local Ukrop's grocery store has this agreement with a nearby BP gas
station that gives "valued customers" discounts on gasoline. For every
$50 spent at Ukrop's, this BP offers a ten-cent-per-gallon discount.
There is no cap to the discount, so, conceivably, one could wait until
gas was "free."

The other day I was in the green minivan and needed gas, and I was also
planning on passing by this BP, so I did and it turned out that I was
entitled to a discount of $1.10 per gallon. So I refueled and got
17.299 gallons at 69.9 cents per gallon and left there with a full tank
for $12.09.

The trip computer said that tank served the van with 20.5 miles per
gallon, but my calculator indicated a much more pitiful fuel economy of
19.6 miles per gallon.

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