Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tanks 183 and 184 - A Tale of Two Drivers

So last week my lovely wife took the mighty Corolla to Lynchburg for a
week-long course at Liberty University. On her way out of town, she
filled up with just 6.079 gallons after I drove it 234.1 miles, making
for a fuel economy of 38.51 miles per gallon. I refueled it again this
morning, after she returned from her class and a few other around-town
trips, and this tank (mostly her driving) went 352.8 miles on 10.852
gallons, a measley 32.51 mpg.

Although 32.51 mpg is nothing to sneeze at, it's not as good as this car
normally gets. And considering that about 250 of those miles were
mainly high-speed controlled access roads, I am more discouraged.

But it's still a better overall gas idea for her to drive the red car
and me to drive the green minivan during these times, as the green
minivan seems to provide a safer driving environment for me and the
three kids when we go out during the week she's gone.

But "safety" is a relative term that I don't want to address in this

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