Friday, March 13, 2009

Tank 187 - 12 March 2009

My suspicions that my wife has a lead foot are being confirmed. I just
refueled with 11.140 gallons after driving 420.7 miles, making for a
fuel economy of 37.76 miles per gallon. The last tank, mostly HER
driving, was much worse.

I am getting mildly bummed that my commuting buddy has basically ended
our commuting relationship. I will need to start warming up to my other
coworker about sharing our trips. I really enjoyed not having to drive
when I was the passenger.

On the other hand, I can now listen to my books on CD in the car again,
which makes for a less stressful trip home.

There are no positive comparisons to last year's fuel economy numbers.
Last year was 37.39 mpg, this year it's just 36.63 so far (and I blame
my lead-footed wife!), and days between tanks is almost two days less!
Miles travelled per tank is down, but so is total cost, so I guess
that's one good thing...

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