Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Will the inauguration be televised?

There is all sorts of talk on the radio, TV and newspapers here about
how bad traffic will be, how overloaded the Metro will be, how many
people there will be, how much drinking there will be, and generally
what a mass of people there will be for the inauguration on 20 January

With all the talk of record numbers of people showing up in Washington
to "witness history," I am starting to think that this event will not be
on TV.

Why else would perhaps millions of people show up in the middle of
winter to stand in a huge expanse of grass with virtually no hope of
seeing the person they are travelling to see? I, for one, do not want
to drive, walk, stand, wait, and freeze, without the possibility of an
umbrella because they are banned from the area, just to NOT be able to
clearly see or hear as our new President gets sworn into office.

Certainly this event won't be televised. Why else would otherwise
normal people subject themselves to what potentially could be a day full
of inconvenience, waiting around, and porta-potties?

It's a shame, really. I'd rather have seen close-up pictures on the TV
of the events. That way I'd be able to watch the parade, see the
motorcade, see the ceremony, watch (and clearly hear) Obama's first
speech as President, and also see coverage of all the balls and gala
parties that evening. But apparently none of this will be televised.

I guess I'll have to hear the stories of people who go there. I can
hear them now: "I was standing there on the mall for HOURS, and then my
view of the big screed was blocked by some woman with a big hat, and I
couldn't hear anything Obama said on the loudspeakers because everyone
was talking and cheering, and then someone peed right next to me, and
then it took me, no lie, six more hours just to get back to where I
parked my car!?

I sure hope some TV channel gets permission to send at least one camera
there so it can be broadcast on TV. I bet that channel that shows the
inauguration would get a LOT of people watching it.

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