Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tank 177 - 17 December 2008

So I refueled yesterday in the anticipation of needing a full tank of
gas this morning, as I was planning on carpooling and my passenger does
not like it when I joke about her needing to get out and push if we run
out of gas.

But the carpool did not work out, so I refueled at just 395.6 miles with
10.270 gallons, making for fuel economy of 38.52. This is a bit
inflated, I expect, since the pump at the Wawa was not cooperating. It
clicked off easily when I set the little clicker to automatically fill
so I could empty the trash from my car doors. So I had to stand there
and hold the pump nozzle with a gentle squeeze so as to not make it shut
off all the time. So I stopped at the first click after 10 gallons and
called it full.

There is some neat events happening on the "time to get home" front, but
I think I addressed my speedy 2008 earlier.

Oh, well. They can't all be pearls.

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