Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tank 175 - 1 December 2008

With gas prices going back down, I have noticed the re-emergence of SUVs
and large pickup trucks back on the road.

How quickly we forget.

I am encouraged that our new President is still talking about the
importance of higher fuel economy standards and wise usage of the
resources we have. He said that gas prices have gone down, but they
will go up again and when that happens we had better be better prepared
for it. So at least we all can be happy that Obama is planning for this

Anyway, this last tank served me with 36.52 miles per gallon. I
refueled at just 368.4 miles on the tank, as it was my turn to drive the
carpool and S. doesn't like it when I joke about her needing to get out
and push if I run out of gas.

I'm pretty sure I called this tank as going to have lower fuel economy
because my last tank was so high-- I am growing more certain that
different pumps at different gas stations shut off at different levels
of full.

Luckily, I maintain a running 5-tank fuel economy average to help offset
this type of error. And also my yearly averages will mitigate this
pumping error as well.

I am a little sad that my fuel economy average for this year is lower
than last year's average, but I must be happy because thanks to my
carpooling, I have driven about 1,200 fewer miles and refueled fewer
times as well. So the impact of the "historical high gas prices" has
been reduced thanks to the carpool.

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