Friday, June 27, 2008

Tank 160 - 27 June 2008

This morning I refueled at the Valero right near my house. It appears
to be the cheapest gas I can access. $3.839 per gallon this morning.
The Costco near my work, which is usually cheaper than the
Fredericksburg Costco (although I can't confirm this since I left Costco
over the "improved milk jug" disaster), was $3.929 per gallon.

This tank took me 417.9 miles, and filled up with 11.228 gallons, making
for a fuel economy number of 37.22 miles per gallon. Had I stopped
after the first click at 10.810 gallons, my fuel economy would have been
38.66 mpg. I believe this is where the different shutoff sensitivities
of different gas pumps comes into play. We'll see how true this is on
my next take, if it's back in the high 38s., then my theory gains more

On June 25 of last year, I had driven 8,267.5 miles on 22 tanks of gas.
June 27 of this year, I have gone 8,148.6 miles on 20 tanks of gas. I
was hoping there would be a larger difference here, seeing on how I have
been carpooling for about a month or two now. Maybe this is partially
due to the Mighty Corolla getting more weekend use instead of the gas
guzzling minivan.

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