Monday, June 9, 2008

Tank 158 - 5 June 2008

So I refueled at Wawa on Thursday afternoon on my way home, just in case
the Mighty Corolla would be called in to extended service over the
weekend. It was not, but better safe than sorry. Gas was $3.809 per
gallon, and I bought 11.588 gallons of it. After travelling 438.7
miles, it made for fuel economy of 37.86 mpg, lower than the 40 I got
last tank, and actually 0.3 mpg less than my average fuel economy for
2008 so far. But I went 14 days between tanks, which is more than four
days longer than normal.

Last June 5, I had gone 7,430.2 miles, and this June 5 I had gone
7,298.9 miles. Perhaps the carpooling is now showing dividends. I have
spent $124.87 more on gas over the same period of months this year over
last year, or about 26% more for gasoline.

I also had the pleasure this weekend to spend $70.12 to fill up the
green minivan with just over 18 gallons of gas. The minivan's trip
computer indicated 19.4 miles per gallon, but quick math showed 18.76
instead. Luckily, the minivan only refuels every two or three weeks. I
really don't keep track of it, but I should.

I noticed Wawa has a rather large sticker on the pump saying "this gas
may include up to 10% ethanol." I don't know how I missed it before.
So my theory that 100% gas will give me better mileage than 10% ethanol
gas still remains to be tested. Perhaps if I get enough inspiration, I
will Google if any nearby gas stations sell 100% gas anymore.

Finally, this is the first tank in the Mighty Corolla that the price of
gas took me below 10 miles per dollar of gas. The last tank took me
9.94 miles for each dollar of replacement gasoline. Another way to look
at it is 10.1 cents per mile.

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