Thursday, June 5, 2008

Near end of tank update - 5 June 2008

Due to the long Memorial Day weekend, and a couple days sharing a ride
with my coworker, It looks like I'll be going at least 14 days on this
tank of gas before refueling. This carpooling (if that's what you can
call it with just two people) is saving gas, but I am uncomfortable
saying that it's saving money, as it truly is just slowing down the rate
of expense.

Yesterday was the first day that one of us had to unexpectedly stay late
and thus slow the other one down. But we had talked about this
probability earlier and when I notified my home of the delay, it was all
okay. I expect it'll be a rare occurrence and so far the carpooling is
working out okay.

The carpooling hasn't been going on quite long enough to see a
difference in miles travelled during the year, or tanks up to this point
in time. Indeed, hitching a ride with Sandra twice a week saves me
about 125 miles of driving, or 500 miles in a month, or 6,000 miles in a
year. And that's the best case scenario without any sick days or
vacations. But, every day one of us rides with the other is a day one
of us does not have to use about $10 worth of gas!

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