Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halfway Through Tank - 30 October 2007

This morning I passed down through the halfway point of the tank, right
about 240 miles. While I like it to be at 250 miles, this was actually
encouraging, because yesterday on my way home I was at 218 and really
really close to the halfway point.

Most of my way home yesterday and half of the way here today I was able
to drive in the slipstream of a tractor trailer.

Don't go nuts about "that's crazy."

I am about 100-125 feet behind, and have a cleat view to the lanes on
either side of the truck and always check for brake lights in those
other lanes as an indication of potential slowing in my lane. I also
make sure that there's room on one side of me or the other to
immediately swerve out of the way in an emergency.

Oh, and rush hour traffic usually never tops 55 on my way home.

I am not a "bumper sticker," but a smart drafter. If the truck speeds
up faster than 65, I let it go, and if it drops slower than 50, I pass

Driving in general is a dangerous activity, and I am keenly aware of my
"out" in case of danger.

Here's to smart driving!

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