Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tank 133 - 3 October 2007

Again I filled up at the Woodbridge Costco this morning, making this the
third consecutive tank I have refilled at this location. 10.942 gallons
after going 430.8 miles = fuel economy of 39.37 mpg!

One year ago, my mileage was 36.33 mpg for the tank used at that time.

This was my 34th tank of 2007. My 34th tank of 2006 came on September
19. So I am refueling less frequently this year than last year. But I
have driven more miles: 13,413.5 miles on 34 tanks in 2007, 12,509.6
miles on 34 tanks in 2005.

Going by calendar day, Last October 5, I had gone 13,447 miles. I'll be
at 13,447 miles when I get home tonight, so I am about two days ahead of
schedule on the miles driven front.

One issue of mild concern (an issue I have only recently started
tracking, but was aware of about two years ago), is that when you total
up the miles driven for each individual tank, this number is WAY LESS
than the "hard wired odometer" reading.

Odometer reading at last fill-up: 49,028 miles

Total miles in 133 tanks: 48,977.6 miles

This is a difference of about 50 miles. I don't know where this
discrepancy came from. Even if each gas tank is off by two tenths of a
mile vs. the hard odometer reading, that only totals about 27 miles

This is odd.

Another problem is that a small plastic door has broken off my
dashboard. It's the cover for a small cubby that's big enough to hold a
pile of about 4 CDs. I rarely opened this little door, but in the last
two months, each hinge has failed at the pivot point. If I just remove
the cover, I can see around the gap of the outside of the cubby and it's
not that pretty.

Other than this small problem, the Mighty Corolla is doing fine.

Oh, and the steering wheel is showing signs of wear where my hands
usually rest on it.

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