Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tank 135 - 24 October 2007

Filled up this morning at the Fredericksburg Costco with 10.694 gallons
of gas. The loe fuel light came on three times on my way home
yesterday, and stayed on for good at 415.8 miles. I travelled 8.2 miles
more before filling up, making it 424.0 miles on this tank.

That made for a fuel economy of 39.65 mpg on this tank.

This is nice, because I was stuck in heavy traffic on a couple occasions
in this tank. The expected hit on my mileage was apparently offset by
my avoidance of using the air conditioning. It was warm in the last
several days, but not wuite hot enough to need the AC for very long.

I refueled on October 25 of 2006. Comparing data from these to days one
year apart, I see that I have driven farther this year, but spent less
money on gas, even though gas has averaged about 12 cents more per

My fuel economy for 2006 averaged 36.26 mpg, and so far in 2007 it has
been 37.87 mpg, about 4.4% higher.

My average fuel economy has increased during each year of ownership of
this car. I wonder how long this will last? Obviously the engine is
broken in, and I think my smart driving tactics are pretty well
developed. Perhaps I will break down and seek out "fuel saving motor
oil" for future oil changes, or synthetic oil to see how that works.

That reminds me, I still must check my tire air pressure to make sure
they're still pumped up to 40 PSI. Although my fuel economy has been
stable, which indicates my tires ought to be still pumped up, it's smart
to check that air pressure for safety reasons as well.

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