Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Halfway Through Tank Update - 10 October 07

It has been uneventful commuting over the past days. Had a three-day
holiday weekend, and a short week this week as well. The needle dropped
past the halfway point of the gauge yesterday at about 258 miles, which
bodes well for overall fuel economy this tank.

It's probable that I will not have to refuel until Monday, October 15,
which will give me a fair number of days between tanks. I continue to
drive smartly on my commute, but also stay with the flow of traffic.

I have noticed that traffic in the mornings this week has been heavier
than normal, but as I try to keep going at 64-66 mph, I actually am
staying in the middle lane a bit more and actually am passing people
this week on the way to work.

That's kind of fun.

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