Friday, November 2, 2007

Tank 136 - 1 November 2007

Managed only 38.49 mpg this tank. I travelled 406.1 miles on 10.552
gallons. Paid $2.599 per gallon, which is about 70 cents more per
gallon than this time last year. For 10 gallons, that's about $7.00
more per tank. So gas is costing about $30 more per month than last

Lots of traffic on my way home most days during this tank. Also lots of
weekend trolling around town running errands. So I ought to be happy
it's still over 38 mpg.

The window sticker for the Corolla when it was new showed 30 mpg city,
38 highway. So again, 38 mpg ought to be great considering there's
"some" city driving on the weekends.

Not much else. Pushed through 50,000 miles. My wife is sad, because at
this rate, I'll have gone through two cars as she's been stuck with the
green minivan all these years.

But if all goes well, the mighty Corolla will make it many many more
years without any trouble, and if we keep the minivan clean, we'll avoid
the expense of buying a new car for quite some time.

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