Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tank 138 - 26 November 2007 - The Big Sham!

So I refueled this Monday at the Fredericksburg Costco, purchasing
11.303 gallons at $2.869/gallon. Fuel economy was 37.83 mpg, which was
0.04 mpg below my average fuel economy for the year, but higher than my
overall average.

I went 427.6 miles on this tank. The sad part is that I purposefully
drove the minivan over the weekend to save the Mighty Corolla from
getting refueled, just so I could brag about going 16 days between
fill-ups, so I could say "a new record!!!"

Probably this record will be broken naturally in December, as I will be
taking several days off for Christmas which will lead to more days
between tanks.

So to sum up, I purposefully drove the fuel-inefficient minivan when I
should have driven the Corolla, just to say I went more days between

I now know the type of person that I am. Shallow and vain.

I pity myself.

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