Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tank 139 - 4 December 2007

This morning I was able to refuel at the Woodbridge Costco. I needed
10.632 gallons after going 424.7 miles, making for a fuel economy of
39.95 mpg. My low fuel light came on at 417.7 miles.

This makes me feel better, coming off of two poor showings of fuel
economy. But I am suspicious that the Woodbridge Costco gas pumps have
more sensitive shut-off sensors. I suspect that if I refueled at the
Fredericksburg Costco, as I normally do, I'd have put in as much as half
a gallon more gas, but there's no way to be sure.

For this reason, I have started tracking my fuel economy for the last
five tanks averaged. This still stands at over 38 mpg, so that should
even out some of the discrepancies inherent in different fuel pumps.

This was my 40th tank of 2007. I have gone 15,937.7 miles on those
tanks this year. Compared with 2006, I went 14,587.6 miles on the first
40 tanks. However, I reached the 40th tank on November 3 of 2006, just
about one month earlier than this year. On a corresponding date in 2006
(December 3), I had gone 15,641.4 miles, similar to this year but still
about 300 fewer miles.

Last December 3, I had spent $1,032.80 on gas. This year, on December
4, I have spent $1,058.93 on gas. Gas has averaged about 15 cents more
per gallon this year, or about 6.1% more. But my fuel economy has
averaged about 4.6% higher, so there's a fair amount of offsetting
there, expense/benefit-wise.

Overall, a good tank of gas.

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