Monday, September 24, 2007

Tank 132 - 24 September 2007

Was lucky and filled up at the Woodbridge Costco today (after my amazing
near-miss experience of this morning-- see below). Finally, I thought,
I would be able to add data to support or discredit my theory that the
Woodbridge Costco's gas pumps shut off earlier than the Fredericksburg's
Costco pumps, seeing on how I filled up at the Woodbridge Costco last
time as well.

Well, I went 425.7 miles and filled up with 10.704 gallons, making for a
tank fuel economy of 39.77. Pretty good, a hair better than my overall
2007 average fuel economy, and more than three miles per gallon better
than my fuel economy since day 1.

It was my tenth tank in a row in which I went farther than 400 miles,
and the thirteenth out of the last fourteen tanks (there was one tank in
there where I just went 399.9 miles and felt it would be cheating to
take laps around the parking lot just to hit 400 miles).

Traffic has been generally smooth, and weather has been generally
agreeable to the point where I didn't need too much air conditioning.
These I believe are the primary drivers behind this good mileage.

If my next tank is filled up at the Fredericksburg Costco and my mileage
is dramatically less, my conclusion will be that the Woodbridge gas
pumps shut off earlier than the Fredericksburg pumps.

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