Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tank 131 - 13 Sep 2007

Filled up again at the Woodbridge Costco instead of the Fredericksburg
Costco. Once again, mileage topped 42 mpg.

439.4 miles and pumped in 10.451 gallons, making for fuel economy for
this tank to be 42.04, another new high.

I'd be happier, but last time this happened my next tank fuel economy
dropped to just shy of 37 mpg.

The more I think of it, I am concluding that the gas pumps at the
Woodbridge Costco must be set to automatically shut off earlier. The
sensors must be set to "super sensitive" so as to really reduce the
chance for someone to overtop the tank and dribble gas on the asphalt.

This makes sense to me. This new Costco opened in May, but I still
rarely fill up there. The last two times I have, my fuel economy has
been record high.

Traffic has been lighter than normal over the last week, which might
have contributed to it. I don't think my driving style has changed all
that much in the last month to account for such drastic variances.

If the Mighty Corolla had one of those mileage computers, that would
help shed some light on this issue. But it doesn't, so my conspiracy
theories can continue!

If I can make it to the Woodbridge Costco for my next fill up, that
might help add to my knowledge and either help to confirm or deny this
new idea I have that the pumps at the Woodbridge Costco are set to shut
off earlier than the ones at the Fredericksburg Costco.

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