Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Halfway Through Tank Update

The needle passed through the halfway point yesterday on my way home,
indicating the Mighty Corolla had gone about 270 miles up to that point.
I have not officially started tracking this statistic, but remember my
last tank was under 250, but the one before that was also closer to 270.

That was the tank of 42 mpg, if I remember correctly.

It may turn out that this halfway point could be a useful statistic,
although it's not a concrete moment, such as the low fuel light coming
on and staying on.

Indeed, there is plenty of opportunity to be dishonest in recording the
halfway point of a tank. The needle was slightly below the halfway mark
when I got home. I used the car to go to a few stores last night, and
this morning I left the house with almost 278 miles logged, and the
needle was a touch above the halfway mark. I did not use 278 as my
number because it feels like cheating.

But who is to say what the honest answer is? The needle fluctuates a
little bit going up and down long steep hills.

All I know right now is that the last time I remember this halfway
number being high like 270, I got great mileage.

Keep hoping and working towards creating light and/or smooth flowing

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