Friday, September 21, 2007

Driving to Work Adventure

This morning I saw a lot more bad drivers than normal. I am cruising
with the cruise control set at 65 in the slow lane, and at least five
cars and one suicidal motorcyclist came up weaving in and out of all
three lanes to speed through the traffic.

Three of these guys whipped into the slow lane and were crawling up my
rear bumper like nobody's business. I was mildly fearful they'd run on
into me, but knew if that did happen, first it'd be that guy's fault,
and second that guy's not get to work or wherever he was going fast like
he had hoped.

My conclusion is these guys cursed me as they waited for an opening in
one of the faster lanes to get around me.

I shouldn't get ticked off at these people, but I sort of do.

Not only do they waste gas by mashing on the gas, mashing on the brakes,
and weaving all over the place, they also (I imagine) add extra stress
to all the cars they fly around. At 6:30 a.m., probably nobody wants
this sort of action.

We are all on the road and want to get to our destinations safely and in
a reasonable amount of time. It just takes one of these selfish idiots
to have a brief moment of inattentiveness to cause an accident, and then
the rest of us get stuck in the backup to pay for his selfish behavior.

Perhaps when I get older, I'll "accidentally" get into a little fender
bender with one of these guys so I can tell him to his face what a turd
he is while driving. But that would just waste my time. I'll be
content to wait for these turds to ruin their own lives with some other
innocent guy who doesn't deserve it.

People, please drive smart. Look out for everyone else. Don't be
selfish. We'll all get there together if we respect each other and just
behave decently towards each other.

Believe it or not, commuting isn't a race, folks.

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