Monday, September 17, 2007

Mighty Corolla Garaged All Weekend

The Mighty Corolla wasn't even used on Friday, as we took the seats out
of our minivan and used that to haul 5 bags of mulch, two bags of dirt,
and a six-foot "green giant" evergreen tree to plant in our backyard.

Normally we drive the Mighty Corolla on such off days, but the need to
haul large heavy things sort of kept this from happening.

We discovered that the passenger window on the van is nearing its life's
end. It went down, but decided it dodn't want to go back up when we
flipped the little switch.

The driver's side control didn't work either. After a couple hours, my
wife opened and slammed the door a couple times and the windoe
miraculously worked again. So we closed it and decided that we'd just
use air conditioning in the minivan from here on out.

It's a 1998 Chrysler Town & Country. It's paid for, and has over
114,000 miles. It's still working strong and we hope to keep it at
least one more year, hopefully longer, until the kids are a bit older
and less prone to making messes in there.

Overall a great minivan.

But the Mighty Corolla will never have this sort of electrical problem,
because it has hand cranks in all four windows. Awesome!

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