Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wasted Morning Ride - Wednesday Before Thanksgiving 2K12

Well I am off work until Monday and thought this morning would be a super time for a pretty long bike ride. But in my quest to leave the home in a quiet manner, I forgot my trusty mittens that were in my backpack in the bedroom.

I didn't want to wake up my lovely wife, so I stretched on two thin pairs of small gloves.

What a mistake.

It was 35 degrees outside and within 10 minutes I could not feel any of my fingertips. So I stopped and took off one of the two pairs of socka I was wearing and put the socks on my hands. It kind of helped, but I couldn't wrap my thumbs around the handlebars so my hands started cramping up.

So I came home. Lesson learned. 33 minutes and just over 8 miles.

Tomorrow I must be better prepared. But I'm still doing pretty good on my goal/resolution to ride my bike for more time this year than I spend commuting to and from work in my car. As of yesterday I was sitting on about a ten hour deficit. So if I can go on a couple good rides in the next four days I ought to enter the last week of November with maybe a 6 or 7 hour deficit, and if I can have a healthy wellness ride or two at work next week the gap shouldn't grow by that much more.

Mostly I learned that I need to be better prepared the night before so I don't get caught in this trap again. It would have been a nice ride if I had warm hands.

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  1. Sock it to me! Ah-hahahahahaaaaa!