Thursday, November 1, 2012

October's Out, November's In (Fun Fact: November was originally the Ninth Month until Julius Augustus Caesar added July and August in the Summertime in his honor!)

Well, I should have known I junxed myself, as yesterday's bike ride of 54 minutes nearly matched my commute trip home of 49 minutes. VDOT's been repaving the area of the interstate near the exit I get off at, and the main road at that exit has construction on it to the west, which is the way I go for about a mile, and the last several weeks there has been slow traffic (slower than usual, anyway) at that exit. And yesterday was especially bad, so I took an overly circuitous route home in a vain effort to avoid stopped traffic.

So we enter November with a deficit just under 19 hours.

Last month I rode my bike 21 times, for 486 miles, in 1790 minutes. I commuted to and from work in my car 17 round trips, for a total of 1136 minutes. This month, I have 15 predicted days working, which will reduce my anticipated commuting time by about 140 minutes.

To be honest, I'm getting a little weary of this effort. I still enjoy the bike rides, but am not anticipating them with as much eagerness as I did earlier in the year. Maybe it's because it's getting chillier outside, but it may be partially due to all the miles I'm going. I've ridden 3943 miles this year in ten months. Last year I rode 3788 miles in the entire twelve months. And the year before was when my obsession was re-ignited, and I just rode 657 miles.

Not to say that I intend to stop riding in 2013. I'll just stop focusing on this bicycling/commuting relationship and just enjoy the rides.

But I shall press on and continue to pursue this effort for the next two months, finish strong, and hopefully achieve this goal.

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