Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Morning Commute vs. Bike Update

So I have just one more commute home in my car for the work week, and then a three-day weekend, in which I have apparently scheduled a long ride for on Friday.

With my current deficit of about 12 and a half hours, a long ride tomorrow and one more ride on Saturday or Sunday, discounting my anticipated commute home time today, should have me entering Thanksgiving week with a shortfall of only 8 or 9 hours.

I'm enjoying keeping track of this data. On recent bike rides I'VE BEEN REALLY GETTING INTO THE FEELING OF MY LEGS MOVING UP AND DOWN AND IN CIRCLES IN A GOOD RHYTHM (darned caps lock I'm not going to go back and retype that) and on a few occasions I've been fortunate enough to be riding along with the wind at about the same speed as the wind itself.

It's really neat when that happens. You hear more of the gentle mechanical noises of the bicycle and no wind noise to interfere with it and it's just one of those perfect bicycling moments when everything aligns just right and you just know it's all good.

Then the road turns and the wind comes back up and you get to keep on pedaling. Pedal pedal pedal...

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